Do I Need A Football Agent?

Sep 16, 2020

Nabil Fekir would have been in the Liverpool team that won the UEFA Champions League under Klopp. But he wasn’t part of the winning team due to a number of factors. The one he blamed for everything was his agent. There were speculations that it was his family members that were difficult to reason with and not the knee injury he was likely to have.

Agents have been the difference between choosing a club that will progress a footballer's career or mar it. Talented footballers have graced the green pitch over the year. But sadly not all of them have been able to show the world their full potential. Most of them suffer from lack of playing time or difficulty to attend a trial. There are others who could have gotten better deals but sadly that didn’t happen.

How do you think Cristiano Ronaldo got his career started? He had an agent to help him get into the Manchester United squad. Even Nani won’t have been able to achieve the same thing without the right agent. Having a good agent can impact the career of a football player tremendously. Mikel John Obi was the second-best player of the FIFA World Youth Championships tournament held in the Netherlands in 2005. He was just behind Lionel Messi at the time.

However, he signed for Chelsea in a controversial saga and was subsequently deployed in a defensive role. It is arguably the reason for the large disparity between Mikel and Messi. Imagine his agent got him into Manchester United, it would have probably been Messi, Ronaldo, and Mikel or simply Messi/Mikel. That’s a glimpse of the necessity of an agent and a good one at that.

What A Good Agent Can Do?

Any football agent can negotiate a deal or a contract for their client. However, it takes a great agent to spot a good deal and a good club for a footballer. Agents have grown from just being ordinary intermediaries between clubs and players. Now we have agents who are so influential they can get their players to go to clubs they desire regardless of the offers from other clubs.

A good agent will negotiate a better salary and bonuses for his client. Some even go further to assist in getting endorsement deals for their clients outside club dealings. So, the good agents take their clients more personally and look out for what’s beneficial for them outside the pitch. The truth is certain daily practices can influence a player’s performance and some agents will watch out for players to maintain excellent performance.

Football player agents now protect their clientele’s image. It is important now more than ever as no organisation wants to associate with anyone with a bad image. There were times C. Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. was accused of a scandalous act or the other, but having a remarkable agent behind the scenes ensured it didn’t affect their careers negatively.

Football Agent Benefits

Sports representatives provide consumers with a variety of requirements. It's a widespread myth that all agents are backstabbers. But, agents like 433agent are closely in touch with the world of football to keep up with business developments and patterns.

Football agent's job is to look after any part of their client's life. It is a good thing as it allows the footballer to be concentrated on playing football. They get a percentage from a player's salary as far as you’re not a youth.

Exploring the advantages of football agents is quite beneficial:

  •         Agents offer their athlete's sponsorships deals that give better job stability. A football career is quite short, hence the need to make as much money as possible.
  •         Agents will guarantee you get what's in your best interest. Like in the case of Raheem Sterling who was encouraged to leave Liverpool FC and join Manchester City FC for better pay.
  •         Football agents are also in-depth in legal matters because players can easily enter legal trouble and transfer sagas can escalate into lawsuits.
  •         Football agents are not necessarily sweet talkers but the good ones are eloquent and strategic with words to present the players they represent in a good light.
  •         Football agents educate you on poor contracts as well as positive for the player and their potential.
  •         Football agents know how to handle financial arrangements to ensure you keep the income and potential wellbeing safely.
  •         Handling challenges is one of the strongest qualities of a football agent and they deliver most times on most fronts.
  •         Sports agents are excellent at operating under pressure and can withstand pressures especially when transfer deadline.
  •         Sports agents have in-depth knowledge of finance, the footballers market, and risk management.
  •         They have fantastic organizational capabilities to support football players to achieve their dreams.
  •         They will take careful care of the ambitions and help you secure the right deal, both now and for the future.
  •         They'll tell you to get a higher pay that provides coverage for disabilities and wage rises. This provides short-term and long-term gains.

 How to Choose?

When doing a football player search you’ll most likely see who their agents are. Looking for football players with exceptional skills can be difficult, but getting an exceptional agent is even more challenging. It can be quite confusing to choose an agent. There are few people who get to jump from one football agent to another, while others stick to one agent throughout their career. But choosing a good agent from the start is important and can be mind boggling. If you’re looking for an agent and don’t want to make a mistake, then get on 433agent. 433agent is the best football platform for players to get to know their agent before choosing them.

Football agents are quite influential in the world of football. A player can’t traverse this competitive sporting market without an agent. It is crucial to have an agent face the storm for you. Check out the 433agent and insure your career. You may need to prepare your CV and short videos for the agent to be interested in you. If you win over your agent, he will go to the ends of the earth just to get you a club.


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