Football Interview Tips

Sep 21, 2020

You may have been dreaming of your first job as a football coach but there’s a hurdle to cross. You may have the talents and ideas but you must face a panel of interviewers. Yes, you’re most likely going to become the boss when employed but you still need to convince some people on the board and the organization as a whole. 

It is your chance to impress and win the club over. And there are certain tips that will help you conquer the day. You may be facing up to 10 people on the panel. It can be a little intimidating but for someone who is about to lead a team of footballers and fans, it shouldn’t bother you. Truth is you’ll always do better than your worst fears.

Some talented coaches may still struggle with presenting their ideas. Backgrounds differ and psychology is not the same. But we are all social beings who communicate and interact. This is why it is essential to pass across your ideas adequately. Here at 433agent, we can help you get ready for these moments and do well. 

Coaches are not the only ones that go through an interview. There are star players who get jobs easily but some players have to be interviewed to get a club contract. You need an excellent and professional football CV to begin with. Then you still have to be able to face a committee of interviewers. They will try to ascertain that you’re worth betting on, and they won’t regret the decision of getting you into the team

How to prepare for your interview?

There’s a mental process of attending a football interview exercise. The best way to see and approach your interview is to embody the solution to the problems of the football club or organization. You need to look the part. 

As a coach, you may be like Jurgen Klopp who enjoys wearing tracksuits as a manager, but you still have to wear a suit and tie for your interview. This looks more professional. You are addressed the way you’re dressed, so the saying goes.

As a player, you still need to wear a nice and simple suit and tie. Dress responsibly. Footballers are role models on and off the pitch.  Your prospective club will be watching out for the way you carry yourself. It has to be reminiscent of how they want to be perceived. The image of clubs as a brand is quite important now and anybody intending to be a part of that needs to show the commitment to maintain a good one.

Some basic questions will be thrown your way during a football interview. The vital thing is that you’re not thrown off. And the best way to prevent that from happening is to get familiar with fundamental questions interviewers will ask. 

Introduce yourself? 

This is where you say your name and a little background information about yourself to lighten the mood or showcase your best personality in short concise words.

Why you?

Here you state what you bring to the table. There’s no better way to do this apart from highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the team. However, blunt you have to be honest about the state of the team if you’re a manager. If you’re a player just state your qualities and stats. Then talk about how you can improve and strengthen the team in a way unique to you. 

Are you interested in retaining the existing staff? 

Clubs have a culture that makes them stand out amongst the park. You as a coach also have your philosophy. You may have to have done a background check on the current members of staff to be sure you need them and that they’re perfect for your plans.

Describe your hardship period as a coach/player and how you reacted to it?

This is a show of mentality. There are times things won’t go as planned. It takes someone with a strong mentality to lose a match and respond well the next. You can miss a clear chance of this match and score the winner another match. A player with a great mentality can score an own goal and still work hard to score at the other end of the field. Coaches have revived their team with tactical changes during a match.

Other questions you may be asked to include the following:

  • What's the main achievement of the career?
  • Why have you quit your last job?
  • Why can you change our team's culture?
  • Who's the greatest career coach and why?
  • Who's the best guy you've ever served for?
  • Who's the best candidate you've found and how?
  • Which three terms to describe yourself?
  • What's your toughest work part?
  • What's your strength? Our weaknesses?
  • What's your recruitment philosophy?
  • What's your greatest career disappointment and why?
  • What's your disciplinary strategy while athletes experience problems off the field?
  • What's your 90-day plan?
  • What would our fans expect from your coaching philosophy?
  • What will the critics say?
  • What was your coaching challenge?
  • What motivates you to be the best?
  • What lessons did you gain in coaching that makes you a special coach?
  • What immediate changes would you like to see if you were hired?
  • What haven't we mentioned that's important to you?
  • What does this position have in common with some others you have had?
  • What do you like and how do you develop a staff?
  • What do you know about our program? School? School?
  • What did you like most about your previous job?
  • What conditions helped quit your last job?
  • What are your routine decisions in your current position?
  • What are you doing in your free time?
  • What are the most difficult obstacles in this role?
  • Tell us about the teams and how you have developed.
  • Tell us about a time you failed.
  • Tell us about a candidate you've lost and what you've learned?
  • Take us through your coaching career progress.
  • Offer me one justification for applying for this job?
  • How was the first news conference? Or a team meeting?
  • How has your new or former job positioned you to accept further responsibility?
  • How do you think you would get to this position?
  • How did you plan for this interview?
  • How can you appeal to today's players and new your approach?
  • The hardest choice you've ever made?

Interview points to remember

This is to be a part of your checklist. Ensure to be prepared for these.Handling these will help you do a good job at your interview. For a young aspiring football player CV is not enough to complete the job, you need to prepare for a physical interview.

  • Why are you this job's best person?
  • Who are you personally?
  • What's your career dream?
  • Talk about your goal?
  • How can you explain your theory and style?
  • What are the steps you’ll take to establish a system/philosophy/culture?

Looking for football players doesn’t happen like in the past. Agents and scouts are available to breach that gap. A football player search can be cumbersome with several players coming at you. But having 433agent in your corner will help make things easier.


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