Footballer Profession

Mar 04, 2020

As statistics show, football is among the top 10 popular team games. Back in 1900 BC in ancient Egypt there was a game that remotely resemble football. Many researchers note the similarity of European football to the favorite game of the Roman legionaries - harpastum. However, it was deprived of any - any rules. Modern football emerged in England in the XIX century. Players were college students. The rules of the game were developed. In addition, they defined the generally accepted parameters of the field and gate. Today, more than 2 million football teams, both male and female, are active in the world. You can find a job as a football player using the service

The football profession has both pronounced advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following points:

  • high salary;
  • high demand;
  • a chance to become famous;
  • the opportunity to see the world and meet powerful people;
  • the need to lead a healthy life;
  • respect from fans.

Shortcomings are increased stress, injury, frequent driving, excessive attention to the player and his family, as well as - negative emotions in case of defeat.


Working as a football player requires high commitment. The key task of the team is to score the maximum number of goals in the opponent's goal, while preventing the ball from hitting its own goal. At the same time, each player is responsible for his position. The team is most often composed of: goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 forwards. Although, depending on the manner of play of the team and other features, the game plan may vary.

The necessary qualities that a player must possess:

  • good physical shape;
  • instantaneous reaction;
  • endurance;
  • speed;
  • a responsible approach to the performance of his duties;
  • purposefulness;
  • communication skills;
  • patience;
  • good thinking;
  • marksmanship;
  • desire to improve existing skills.

Skills and knowledge

Work as a football player requires that the player has the ability to feel the ball and skillfully manage it. To improve professional skills, each team member devotes a lot of time to different exercises with the ball. It is mandatory for each player to know the rules of the game so as not to be disqualified. Knowledge of terminology and theory will help to avoid misunderstandings between players at a moment when they need to act immediately. A footballer is an athlete who, in the course of daily training, improves his existing skills to meet the standards, honing his skills. An experienced player can turn an ordinary free kick or corner kick into a winning goal. In most cases, a corner kick is served by a player who can send the ball into the opposing team's net with his head.

Prospects and Careers

The football profession allows you to build a good career. The first step is to study at a children's sports school. This is followed by junior, youth and youth national teams. The most talented players get into the national team, and get the opportunity to sign contracts with various football clubs. Often, former players re-trained as coaches or run sports schools. Footballer is a profession that is not taught in universities. The emphasis is on the talent and skills of the player. During the lessons in children's sports school coaches identify the most skillful and promising students, sending them to a professional team. Consequently, you can find a job if you fully devote yourself to your profession and constantly improve the skills of playing football. Also, do not forget to use the service that we indicated at the beginning of the article.

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