How to Prepare For a Football Match?

Oct 09, 2020

It doesn’t end with the coaches, even the footballers have their own football match preparation. A main aspect before the game is to relax on the night before the game for at least 10 hours and relaxation lets the body recover for hard activity on the following day.

You should start dreaming about tomorrow's game and talking about what you're going to do after you control a ball with your chest and bringing the ball down after a long kick. You can already see how the first rival dribbles and tries to achieve a perfectly shaped shot at the long corner.
 Prepare for a football match like it’s the most important match of your life as if you’re in the match already. This little detail makes your ordinary self extraordinary.

The main thing is to learn about the circumstances in which you will play and see how you’ll respond. In this case, the selection depends significantly on each player, but most of the time you may find a schedule that suits you tremendously and you will tailor it to your needs. A pre-game schedule is only beneficial when you practice as you should for the whole week and at the highest quality the day before the game. Professionals on the 433agent platform, both players and coaches, all agree that treating every training session with utmost seriousness counts towards your performance on the match-day.

Tips to prepare for a football match

Many players have different ways to prepare for a football game. Some have to say their prayers like Mo’ Salah of Liverpool football club. Others simply have songs they must listen to before going in for a match. Some have to style their hair, others just focus on what they’ll wear under their shirt and the colour of their boots. It’s up to you to notice what gives you the best results.

Meals: You can eat chicken, spaghetti, fish the night before games. There are other options that you can pick from but you want to build up energy from the evening before as well as possible. When it's an early kick-off and clearly you can't eat that much in the morning. So, you can go for cereals or oatmeal with fruits. On your way to the stadium, you can munch on some cereal or energy bars on the team bus or in the changing room before playing a football match. This will give you enough energy for warmups and for the match itself.

Meditation: It’s good to imagine the game the previous night. Imagine yourself in the kit you’re playing with, whether it’s your home kit or away kit. Visualise yourself moving, dribbling, passing the ball, shooting, pressing the opponent, visualize it all. It’s something that some players of the year have practised since they were young. It helps their mind focus on training and on situations that might occur during the match day. You can meditate as you’re about to sleep. You can think about your ball delivery. You can think of the best way to hit the ball when it’s crossed to you. You can think of the best way to pass the ball to a teammate.

Also, you can visualize your movement to get on to a pass. Or imagine your set-pieces whether you’re the one taking it or you want to be there to attack it. Meditating on these things wakes up your CNS before the game and you’ll discover you’re more alert. That one moment of alertness is what makes the best players like Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho special. Why not you?!

Music: Each team has a player who is the DJ sometimes, they can be more than one. These guys put up the music in the dressing room. It could be anything from Spanish songs, to Jamaican reggae or just plain hip-hop. Everyone listens to it and vibe together, though some like it and some don’t. For team spirit especially before the match, it’s better to be listening together as a team rather than individuals listening on their iPods or Beats by DRE. If you don’t know what to do before a football game, try this and you’ll be equally pumped to win and play well.

Match Rituals: In the locker room, some footballers do pretty much the same thing. Others like to do other things. Others may discuss with teammates on how to receive passes or moves. Others just want to be alone and meditate. Some’ll just listen to music and motivational songs pre-match. In the dressing room try to be as comfortable as possible. Find what works for you, you’ve worked hard to get to this stage, you only need to showcase the same level of commitment, and you’ll shine.

Before entering the pitch, some enter the field with their right foot first. Some kneel as if they’re tying the lace of their boot, others enter the pitch with their back, while some do the sign of the cross, and some are just focused and step into the field without doing anything special.

Minimum Rest: Some legendary footballers sleep for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night. Some still add a siesta of an hour or 2. Eight hours of sleeping will give optimal performance in training. It doesn’t have to be compulsory, you can be flexible about it. You don’t have to stay in bed if you’re not sleepy. So wait till you’re tired or sleepy before going to bed.

Myth: You should know that a stick of banana can give you enough energy to last 90 minutes. Therefore, you can eat about 2 or 3 before warm up to boost your energy level for the game. Some footballers may opt for a can of energy drink. They take this in the dressing room 40 minutes before kick-off and then go out for the warm-up.

The hour before the match itself can be quite unnerving and anxiety may set in for some players. You want the start playing, you feel sharp enough and you’re scared that feeling may wear off. Just try and stay as relaxed as possible by doing something to take your mind off the game, like play a game or whatever works for you. There have been cases where players started having an abnormal bowel movement and couldn’t play the match as a result. Myth has it that Messi missed what would have been his first Champions’ League final due to diarrhoea and anxiety.


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