How To Rehab An Injured Ankle?

Nov 13, 2020

Ankle injuries in football have marred players’ careers. There was a time the world couldn’t enjoy the magic of Lionel Messi due to ankle injury. Several footballers have been side-lined due to injuries sustained to the ankle. This is one of the most notorious problems a player’s career faces every generation.

Physiotherapy regimens are important if the foot needs to be fully healed after being injured. If you can do so without too much discomfort. You can start fixing your broken ankle with soccer recovery techniques by walking or by using crutches. In the first 3 days after your accident, begin recovery with a range of motion exercises. Enable recovery in several days to weeks, including expanding, weight conditioning and balancing exercises. You should rehabilitate your knee at home or even at the workplace.

Start any workout slowly and use your level of pain to lead you. Facilitate workout if you have moderate discomfort. Below are some popular recovery workouts. Be mindful that you prescribe pacing and method of recovery workout based on the needs of the surgeon or psychiatrist.


3 Common Ways Players Sprain Their Ankle

You can always try to prevent injuring your ankle. But almost every player would have an ankle injury at one point. What are the commonest ways to get an ankle injury? But you need to know that it is not the end of your career. You can always bounce back. You can always get better and fresher after such an experience. 

1. Tackles to the ankle can get your ankle injured. 

2. Landing on your ankle wrongly after a jump or when avoiding a tackle

2. Stepping on another player’s foot mistakenly or vice-versa


How to Identify an Ankle Sprain

How do we know when you have a fracture or a sprain or simply a sore ankle? Is there any need to panic? Honestly, you always need an expert to identify such injuries. You can’t go that route by yourself. These people have been continuously exposed to several joint problems and can confirm any injury with the information from specific medical investigations. However, if you’re alone and in doubt, there are a few symptoms that can point to the fact that you may have sustained an ankle sprain and they are as follows:

  •     Bruising
  •     Inability to bear weight on the ankle joint
  •     Limited range of motion
  •     Pain
  •     Swelling

What to Do Immediately After a Sprain

Not just in football, ankle injuries treatment is quite easy and simple to master. It’s simple enough as an acronym for everyone to remember. R.I.C.E. – Rest Ice Compression Elevate. All you have to do instantly is Rest. Rest the leg. Next is to put some Ice packs on it and apply gentle compression. Then you want to ensure the ankle is Elevated.

Even if the best surgeons want to work on fixing your leg the swelling has to come down. And that can only happen with medications and elevation. So you’ll need to use anti-inflammatory drugs. However, you need to see a physician for a prescription. Also, if you have peptic ulcer disease you’ll need specific anti-inflammatory that won’t exacerbate your ulcer.

Top 5 Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for Football Players

Rehab for footballers can be quite boring for people that are used to being explosive athletes. This is particularly because most of the time, they can watch their teammates play. It can be almost depressing for some, but they’re usually surrounded with raw undiluted support and love of the family. To get in shape on time, you have to be disciplined with your exercises.


  1. Exercises that stretch the muscles of your legs: You need to be in front of a wall for this to work. What you want to push against the wall while your heel is planted on the ground. Flex your knee in front until there’s a stretch in the muscle of the leg behind. It’s similar to pushing a trailer to move. Take a quarter of a minute to half a minute in that stance and repeat for about 3  reps.

 2. Exercises that explore multiple movements: Immediately after your accident, what you want to start doing is workouts with numerous range of motion. Then try to put an ice pack on your ankle up to 5 times a day for as long as you do these workouts. You can do them comfortably at any time of the day.

 3. Exercises make the contributors of the ankle joints stronger: Try moving your foot because the more you make effort the stronger you become. You can do this about 10 times. Injuries differ from one another in terms of their severity, so some could use about half a month to fully recover while others can use the entire month for recovery. It may look silly but you can be engaging your feet by using it on anything comfy. Over time you can add a resistance band once you start feeling strength returning to your foot.

 4. Exercise with a small towel for strength: Get a towel and place it on the floor. So what you want to do is to squeeze the towel using your toes actively. So try to move the towel around with your toes. You can add a little extra weight. This gives your ankle something extra to overcome and as a result, it gets stronger.

 5. Fun exercises that move your joints: Write alphabets with your toes and it starts to loosen up, helping the ankle to rotate more. You can write the word Love or Football or your favourite football star. Make sure you’re comfortably seated or lying down. Slowly move your leg from side to side and as you are to use your foot/ankle to trace out as many as possible. You can do this in blocks of 180 seconds, repeat accordingly.

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