How to Write a Professional Football CV

Sep 02, 2020

Searching for examples of winning CVs as a football player has become more common. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have talent. You need to work at it on the field of play. You also need to have a package and focused resume to attract football scouts and managers. Create a football CV online and you’ll be amazed by trial invites and contracts that’ll be waiting for you.

You’ll be amazed at the number of footballers now playing for good clubs by only possessing a killer CV. A captivating CV for a football coach or scout arouses their interest in noticing your skills. The world is changing.

Technology through digitalization has altered the conventional processes of doing things. Before the scouts or coaches may have to travel in search for their desired player. Now, sports analytics can evaluate the skills and potential of players before they’re bought into a team. Football clubs will likely go to similar teams for recruitment. A popular example of this can be found in the Liverpool Football Club (LFC). In the past 6 years, six transfers for LFC were from Southampton FC.

  • Adam Lallana
  • Dejan Lovren
  • Nathaniel Clyne
  • Rickie Lambert
  • Sadio Mane
  • Van Dijk

Therefore, if you don’t put yourself out there by using an excellent and professional football CV format, it will take a miracle to break into a good club. Download a readymade football CV template to begin developing yours. By putting yourself out there, you need to highlight a few key areas of your footballing career:

  • Achievements
  • Uniqueness and Skills
  • Stats
  • Playing experience
  • Competitions appearances
  • Personality

What is a Football CV?

Don’t allow anyone to swindle you. A football CV is like any other resume. However, it is specialized and job-specific just like other curriculum vitae of any profession. Bottom line is that you shouldn’t spend a fortune creating a CV. You only need certain aspects of your career and personality. You want a coach to be confident you won’t upset the atmosphere of the dressing room.

A football CV is a means to showcase your ability as a soccer player and display your playing history or profile. The new dimension CVs take is to state in a concise paragraph the reasons you’re better than your competition. This allows your potential employers to meet you without you being there. It stirs a desire of seeing you in action. This may lead to a contract because information is key. Since a good CV can provide that, why not get one.

You may be interested in managing a team, you will need a CV for a football coach. This will help in emphasizing your coaching and managing attributes to the management or club owner. You may have envisioned lifting any of the prestigious trophies as a manager. Don’t think it’s too late to achieve your dreams. All you need to set the ball rolling is to have a killer football CV and you’re on your way to rubbing shoulders with the greats.

What Should You Include in Your CV?

Below are components of a CV you must have. A little variation can be seen but the ones listed below are compulsory:

Personal Profile: A personal profile that introduces you to the organization. This must be true with documented evidence to back it up. It must be clearly stated as this is the first information that will be looked at on your resume. This includes the following:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Playing Position
  • Current/Home address (with postal address)
  • Mobile (or Home) phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Nationality
  • Height
  • Weight

Professional Profile: This is where you sell yourself to the football organization. You have a unique skill you bring to the table, state it. You can use our unique football CV maker at 433agent for guidance.

If you’re a football player and you can use both feet, put it up. If you can play in different positions, let them know. Because you may be signed for your versatility and still get a chance to play in your preferred position. This doesn’t stop you from being clear about your strongest position and foot.

Remember the focused paragraph mentioned above. This is where you can describe the qualities that coaching staffs and players admire in you like the following:

For coach: Philosophy, man-management, motivation, tactics, strategy, leadership, charisma, and winning mentality.

For football players: Positioning, ball handling for goalies, reflexes, communication skills, air dominance, one-on-one situations, mentality, and leadership skills.

For goalkeepers: Positioning, ball handling, reflexes, one-on-one situations, communication skills, and air dominance.

The most important task of this section is to talk about your strength. Don’t oversell yourself. There’s a team for every one good. Not everyone will keep a striker like Firmino, Liverpool’s no 9, in a team, but Klopp stuck with him and now they’re champions of England, Europe, and the World. So don’t lie, don’t exaggerate, simply present a professional football player CV.

Statistics: Let’s focus more on players’ stats here. This data will go further to prove that you’re authentic. It also shows you’re adept and understand the values of the skills you possess. Most coaches will see you as a hard-worker who has invested time in football science.

Football intelligence is one of the reasons Pep Guardiola bought Rodri into the Manchester City team. There are a few stats football managers and scouts will be looking out for in the CV of a football player. They are as follows:

  • 20/50/100 meter sprint time
  • The average distance covered in a match
  • Height of your vertical jump
  • Leadership experiences like being a Captain or Vice-captain
  • Pro-agility test score
  • Vital stats & key skills
  • Your bleep test score
  • Cooper’s test
  • Competition appearances

Dominating aerial balls is a sought-after skill to have in your CV, a football player example is Ronaldo who is renowned for his vertical jump. He rivals some basketballers in jump power and has been seen to go higher than the crossbar.

Video Representation: More often, people are swayed and convinced by what they can see. This is why modern tech have exploited the use of social media and videography to create highlights of a player’s skills. You can benefit from your video going viral and coaches across the globe noticing you even before your CV gets to them. This is why creating such a video and putting an online link to view it is fantastic for your CV.

Who Should Have a Football CV?

If you’re on this site reading this, you should have one. As far as you’re part of a football club or organization, you need a CV to be regarded as a professional globally.

Now it’s clear that a curriculum vitae of a professional coach, manager, or footballer just needs refocusing. It is just like any contemporary resume.

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